Image description: A portrait of Neta Bomani stylized in halftone and colored in chroma key blue.

Neta Bomani

Neta Bomani is a worker who engages in visual storytelling, direct action and (anti) art practices through organizing and making archives, writings, prints, zines, circuits and workshops. Neta's work has materialized as an organizer of the Tech Zine Fair, an organizer of the School for Poetic Computation, a member of Stephanie Dinkins Studio and a participator in grassroots organizing against prisons and borders in New York City and beyond.


ICM Pair Programming: Pixels and color

For ICM, Sam Krystal and Neta Bomani worked on sketch based on a segment in the Pokemon television series called “Who’s That Pokemon?”1

We were asked to describe the experience in 5-10 words below: A memory game to flex your nostalgiac fandom for Pokemon.

The sketch is split into 8 sections based on each Pokemon, Bulbasaur, Mewtwo, Jigglypuff, Electrobuzz, Infernape, Squirtle and Vilplume.

We were also asked to describe each section in 2-3 words below: Section 1: This is Bulbasaur. Section 2: This is Mewtwo. Section 3: This is Jigglypuff. Section 4: This is Electrobuzz.