Image description: A portrait of Neta Bomani stylized in halftone and colored in chroma key blue.

Neta Bomani

Neta Bomani is a worker who engages in visual storytelling, direct action and (anti) art practices through organizing and making archives, writings, prints, zines, circuits and workshops. Neta's work has materialized as an organizer of the Tech Zine Fair, an organizer of the School for Poetic Computation, a member of Stephanie Dinkins Studio and a participator in grassroots organizing against prisons and borders in New York City and beyond.


ITP Week 6: Midterms!!!

This week’s blog post includes updates and assignments from the introductory courses to Physical Computation, Computational Media and Fabrication.

This blog post is a work in progress 😅

Computational Media

This week we learned about objects and functions. I improved on my previous sketch of a redacted FBI Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) file here. See more documentation under “Physical Computation.”

Physical Computation

I connected my FOIA sketch to my arduino with serial communication. Now you can control the redactions with a sensor that is a potentiometer. I’m interested in exploring this idea and building out an installation for it as a final project. I’m reading Simone Browne, Edouard Glissant, Christina Wake, Ruha Benjamin, Nicholas Mirzoeff, adrienne maree brown, and more to help inform the work. Image description: TBD Image description: TBD


I made a fan zine with a motor with a fan attached to it, cardboard and an accordian fold zine. Documentation coming soon.