Image description: A portrait of Neta Bomani stylized in halftone and colored in chroma key blue.

Neta Bomani

Neta Bomani is a visual storyteller based in Brooklyn, New York who is exploring computational and new media art approaches to organizing, archiving and writing through making prints, zines, maps and circuits. Neta is currently at Stephanie Dinkins Studio.


Monkeywrench Books

Web design for Monkeywrench Books, an all volunteer run event space, literature distro and social hub in Austin, Texas. This project is currently a work in progress which can be viewed on GitHub. I work on the website on a volunteer basis as a designer.

Minimal, sticky and collapsable navigation renders a simple and clean layout, faster load times and less time spent finding resources.

UI design emphasis on forms—the core resource used on the website.

Identity illustration of a trash panda (read: racoon) helps people get a sense for the store’s humor and affect.

Responsive design helps people browse as they come and go easier.