Image description: A portrait of Neta Bomani stylized in halftone and colored in chroma key blue.

Neta Bomani

Neta Bomani is a visual storyteller based in Brooklyn, New York who is exploring computational and new media art approaches to organizing, archiving and writing through making prints, zines, maps and circuits. Neta is currently at Stephanie Dinkins Studio.


Code, Craft & Catalogues: Arts in the Libraries

METRO Studio. Photo via Shannon Mattern.

METRO Studio. Photo via Shannon Mattern.

On March 9, 2019, I will be conducting a zine workshop at “Code, Craft & Catalogues: Arts in the Libraries,” a half-day symposium co-organized by the Metropolitan New York Library Council, the Finnish Cultural Institute in New York, and The New School. The event will be at METRO Studio at 599 11th Avenue in New York. The symposium will feature FCINY’s recent artistic collaboration with Oodi, the brand-new Helsinki Central Library; METRO’s current “Privacy in Public,” a “digital privacy” exhibition that’s distributed across nine NYC branch libraries; and an assortment of related exhibitions, artworks, and residencies around the country. Confirmed participants include: Anni Vartola, curator of the library-themed Finnish pavilion at the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale; Laura Norris, Service Director of Oodi; and Jer Thorp, Innovator in Residence at the Library of Congress.